Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A smile from Biddy Craig

Up in the morning, get the kids out the door for school, in the shower and off to work. Weekday mornings are hectic. But, as you swing through McDonalds on Kelley Hwy, your day is going to get better!

This is Biddy Craig. He smiles when he greets you, repeats your order before handing it through the drive thru window and sends you on your way feeling good - even makes you somehow look forward to the work that is waiting. Biddy makes you feel like he got up that morning with you on his mind and has been looking forward to seeing you all morning. And, his smile beams as he tells you, "Have a blessed day." And you can't help but smile back, return the good wishes...and look forward to your next McCafe.

Thank you Biddy for all those coffees, sweet teas and egg McMuffins. But most of all, thank you for making the mornings brighter and happier for so many customers. You are a shining star!