Designer Again Celebrating 25 Years!

By Lara Millican

We think of them as second hand or thrift stores. But, for those of us who are bargain seekers, they offer a trove of treasures.

Designer Again offers the opportunity to make and save money through the sales of quality consignment products. The store also has a unique history of young entrepreneurship.

Tiffany Parker started her venture at the age of 20 with $1,000 in her pocket. July 1991, she opened a storefront on the corner of Garrison and 3rd where Rolando’s is now. 
Her first consignors were from local connections of her mother and grandmother. The store consisted of only clothing and accessories. 

Over the years the selection of items has grown, and her location has changed. As demand increased, so did the need for space. 

The first furniture pieces sold were bought at auction. As those larger items became more popular there was a need for expansion. The store now carries a little bit of everything; from clothes to home decor and vintage pieces.

Customer service is Tiffany’s number one priority. She wants both the customer and the consignors to feel like they're getting a good deal. She realizes she has to have good people around her to make the store successful.

For a consignment shop, that means good people working in the store and loyal consignors. Consignors make a shop like this successful, so Tiffany makes sure they stay happy! 

Most consignment stores split sales 80/20 or 70/30. Tiffany offers consignors a better deal. Designer Again pays a 50/50 split so everyone is satisfied! This also makes Tiffany's store the first outlet of choice for consignors. She gets first option on the market's treasure.

Speaking of treasure. When I was in the shop to interview Tiffany, she had just received some signed Picasso prints that had come in from a cruise ship. She was in the middle of researching the items for authenticity. If you're an art lover, you may want to go check them out!

This shop was “recycling” clothes and furniture before it was cool! Now they are celebrating 25 years! 

Come join Tiffany and the other girls at Designer Again Thursday, July 7th from 5 pm to 8 pm with food, door prizes, special sales, and more! The store is located at 16 North 3rd Street, downtown Fort Smith. Visit or call 479-782-8313