Getting Creative - In the Kitchen!

Planning a get-together? A birthday party where you work? Friends and relatives set to show up at your place? You’ll need food.
Head to the Creative Kitchen Store. It’s located at 309 Garrison Ave., Fort Smith. In business since the 1980's, current owner Jami Coleman is now celebrating 10 years of serving up healthy and delicious cuisine to the River Valley.
Creative Kitchen prepares entrees and salads ready to grab and go, along with a full range of mouth-watering desserts. And that’s just the beginning.
“We prepare 9 x 13 pans filled with chicken or beef dinners, lasagna, chicken pot pies and more, along with salads and desserts,” said Coleman. “Then there are the gifts and kitchen stuff - we’re like a Williams-Sonoma.”
Don't think you have to be in the food mood to meander through the store. The shelves and walls are a gourmet delight! With every gadget or utensil you could possibly imagine - you're sure to walk out with more than you expected!
The bakery at Creative Kitchen is a big part of the operation. Everything is made here.
“We love to be the favorite gift or food that people bring to the party,” said Meredith Eddins, the shop coordinator. This is a great place to round out your own kitchen shopping or gifting.
Cakes are a specialty. Cindy Kennedy is the cake designer, and she turns ideas into memorable - and edible - experiences.
“You eat with your eyes first,” observed Eddins. “Some of Cindy’s creations sparkle. She is a treasure with edible centerpieces.”
Cakes are great for holiday gatherings, weddings or any other special occasion.
“We have all the traditional flavors,” added Eddins. How about peppermint or caramel or pumpkin or chocolate mouse or carrot cake? “A carousel full of cakes is always available.”
Cookies come in many types, including decorated and wrapped. Or, try one of the delicious petit fours. Oh, my..."yummm."

For more information, call 479 646-3233 or visit See also the Facebook page.