Monday, June 27, 2016

Designer Again Celebrating 25 Years


Designer Again offers the opportunity to make and save money through the sales of quality consignment products. July of 1991, at only 20 years old Tiffany Parker started her venture with $1000 in her pocket at a storefront where Rolando’s is now. Her first consignors were connections her mother and grandmother had in town, and the store consisted of only clothing and accessories. Over the years they have changed locations moving to larger spaces as more people brought in items to be sold.

The first furniture sold were pieces that Tiffany bought at an auction and sold in her store. When those started really selling she decided to expand. The store now carries a little bit of everything; from clothes to home decor and even vintage pieces.

Customer service is Tiffany’s number one priority, for both the customer and the consignors. She realizes she has to have good people around her to make the store successful. Consignors make a shop like this successful, so Tiffany makes sure they stay happy! She doesn’t split sales 80/20 or 70/30 like other consignment shops, she splits 50/50 so everyone is satisfied!

This shop was “recycling” clothes and furniture before it was cool! Now they are celebrating 25 years! Come join Tiffany and the other girls at Designer Again July 7th from 5pm to 8pm with food, door prizes, special sales, and more!

Casey Millspaugh, Man on the Move


casey millspaugh.jpgCasey Millspaugh, full time Account Executive at UPS has an impressive hobby list. He is known as a “go-getter” and is highly involved in the community. Casey is the Chair of the Parks Commission Board, on the Trails and Freeway Committee, and in Friends of Recreational Trails. Along with all that, he has a couple of start up companies. When talking about everything he’s doing, he jokes that he may be drinking too much coffee.

He has a real passion for the development of trails in the city. He elaborated on a new project being planned, the “Blue Lion Bikeway”. This bike trail will connect UAFS to downtown along with another six miles of trail that has been approved and should begin construction in the next six months. With all the new trails being built, trail and bike rider safety needs to be considered.
A new project Casey has picked up is Pianos on Garrison. This project will put pianos around the downtown area for the public. The next parks commission meeting will open with someone playing the first piano of the project. So far Casey has twelve pianos lined up. It took half a day for him to pick up the first piano, so this is big! Unfortunately, due to humidity, each piano may only last a few months. Casey is definitely excited about this project, “For 2 months people are going to jam out on it, and it’s gonna get put on facebook and it’s gonna get shared... It’s gonna add a little more to the art culture conversation...It’s not permanent, it’s just a little something cool.”

In his spare time, Casey dabbles in real estate, “It’s just something in my back pocket, I’m not actively, really, looking for properties to’s just an option.” He rents a duplex and recently bought a house to rent out later on. Newly licensed, he is now learning the real estate through his mentor Damon Wright. Casey wants to get an investment property somewhere on a beach to rent out when he’s not on vacation.
casey food truck.jpg
Casey’s newest venture? A popcorn company! When he has free time he’s been working on the Fort Smith Popcorn Company by making bags, creating labels and perfecting recipes. This isn’t your regular popcorn shop with a storefront, it’s Casey we’re talking about, he has to have a food trailer! Casey is steering the direction of the food truck culture with the food truck park, so you know he has to have his own! You may have even seen him at this past weekend's Blues Festival!

If you're roaming around Fort Smith, stay vigilant! Casey is on the move and on the rise as an exciting young leader to the Fort Smith area.