Thursday, December 31, 2015

Attracting more people

     Attracting new clients and customers is an on-going concern in business. It expands your reach in the community and keeps your business healthy and growing. 

     At the same time, you need to bring back your present customers and clients. Keep them talking about you. Keep them happy and returning.

     Here are a dozen ways to do this. 

     + Keep your Facebook page active. Snap and post pictures.
     + Attend networking meetings. Introduce your business to others.
     + Ask existing customers/clients for referrals. Remind them often.
     + Join local organizations. Volunteer to help.
     + Form a group. It's free.
     + If appropriate, get your business on Angie's List.
     + Hold an open house. Explain and demonstrate what you do.
     + Offer free "how-to" workshops. People love to learn.
     + Build your email list and send out brief announcements.
     + Send news releases to local papers--some will get printed.
     + Offer your expertise as a guest speaker. Groups are looking for you.
     + Offer freebies and gift certificates. Give out coupons.

     Some marketing experts say that new customers are more valuable than existing customers. They represent future value. And, let's face it, for one reason or another, you will lose your existing customers--they move, they find another supplier, they just disappear. 

     Most of these methods don't cost you anything, except your time. All are meant to get you and your business better known in the community.