Monday, April 25, 2016

XQ Kick Off at Fort Smith Future School

   Fort Smith Future School has students, parents and business owners excited and engaged as our community rethinks high school. It's a concept that has created a sizable media stir. A high school designed by students...for students? What does that look like? And what does that mean to the business community?

    It begins with community participation - from students, parents, neighbors and business people. When you go to one of the Thursday night Create-a-thon meetings, you'll see a community of adults and students enthusiastically engaged in designing a school that provides students with an opportunity to learn in an environment that fosters real learning.

    With that in mind, here are 3 reasons your business may want to participate with the Fort Smith Future School program 
  1. Participating business owners have an opportunity to make an educational difference by giving interns exposure to a real world work experience.
  2. Be pro-active! Many of us are greatly concerned with the lack of fundamental skills possessed by high school students. The Future School program gives business owners an opportunity to participate in a program that can provide a better pool of future workers. 
  3. Knowledge share. Nobody knows your business like you do.'d be surprised at the fresh ideas these youngsters come up with that just might be the solution to a problem that has caused you a struggle.
     Fort Smith Future School is competing in a nationwide competition to win $10,000,000 from XQ: The Super School Project. Lauren Powell Jobs, widow of Apple's Steve Jobs, has committed $50,000,000 to seed the XQ project. Future School is in the running with 200 innovative schools to win one of the five $10,000,000 awards that will be announced in August.